Welcome to the Tadpole Tots Shop.

Our new shop is here to ensure you can get the essentials you need for our lesson, and also to help your little ones use their skill in other pool. We will be adding many new items in the near future so please check back!


All items can be posted to you, or can be waiting for you on your first or next lesson with 48 hours notice. 

Please note all items may vary in design/colour or pattern slightly from the image shown.

Tadpole Tots Towel
£14.99 / unit(s)
Aqua Sphere Goggles
£13.99 / unit(s)
Aqua Sphere Goggles Pink
£13.99 / unit(s)
Splash About Baby Wrap Pink
£20.99 / unit(s)
Essentials Bundle Blue Style
£49.99 / Package(s)
Essentials Bundle Pink Style
£49.99 / Package(s)
Swim Fin
£19.99 / unit(s)
Tadpole Tots Tote Bag
£4.00 / unit(s)